The evaluation of the current developments in the middle east

01 September 2013
The evaluation of the current developments in the middle east

The imperialist war block that had hit the road to re-conquer the entire world started the last counter-revolutionary rebellion in Syria one and half a year ago. Terrorist gangs, which devastated the entire country, massacring the laic, Alewis and Christians at all places they occupy are, according to the psychological warfare carried out by the NATO through capitalist partisan media, the “freedom fighters representing the persecuted Sunni majority.”
Syria is a progressive country trying to protect its independency and sovereignty. The advantages and acquisitions (nationalization of the banks, big industrial and trade companies; radical land reform; free education and health services; women’s rights; laicism; republicanism) brought to workers, peasants, women, groups of different religion and sect by the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggle against colonialism, comprador bourgeoisie and great landlords are still existent and visible.
Syria did not surrender to the US, NATO and Israel. Syria supported of the Palestinian and Lebanese people’s struggle against Zionism. And it did not adopt radical Islamism.
On the other hand, the progressive Syrian government, which incurred the wrath of the US, EU, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and AKP for not accepting to be the puppet of imperialism and Zionism, not welcoming the comprador capitalism, not depriving the proletarian of their social acquisitions thoroughly, and not saying goodbye to women’s rights and laicism, is now shown as the “minority dictatorship based on the Alewi minority”.
The psychological warfare of the imperialism confuses even some progressive and socialist circles. There are those who keep supposedly ‘neutral’ between imperialism and Syria, and prolong the duty of supporting the people of Syria against the imperialist attack.
There is a 29-year war in Turkey which took tens of thousands of lives. Millions of people share their sincere wish with such words as “Enough! No more blood! Let the youth live! Let mothers not cry!” Ocalan called the Kurdish national movement to retreat out of the Turkish border and to concentrate on political struggle instead of armed struggle.
As the call for “political struggle instead of armed struggle” was met with joy as it raised the hopes for the end of the war. However, when it came to legal guarantee for the retreat at the first step, joy was replaced by suspicion and uneasiness. While the Kurdish community came to the point of saying “AKP is not negotiating, it is imposing without even changing the language of war,” the feeling of “AKP is covering the facts. Who knows what kind of concessions it has made to the Kurdish community,” is becoming widespread in the Turkish community.
However, as the Palestine-Israel experience has taught, such a social perception in both communities does not bring along peace. One should always remember that the Oslo Agreement made in 1993 between the Palestinian and İsraeli governments has not brought peace yet. The issue of Palestine has not been resolved yet. Palestinian people kept suffering even more. And the Israeli people are still captive of the war politics run by the dominant Zionist ruling strata.
The expansionist militarism of AKP is standing as a true obstacle before the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish issue. AKP is ignoring millions of people wanting resolution, and it is looking for ways to set the people in the region against each other. However, one can go nowhere through blackmailing. No politician feeling responsibility against the people can believe the look-nice-to-everyone policy of AKP and can fall into this bloody trap.
There are millions of people killed at the wars opened by the imperialists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria. There are millions of people fired from their jobs in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Germany, the UK and the US. There are millions of proletarians devastated by unemployment, poverty, lack of medicine in Egypt, Tunisia, Arabia, Pakistan, Somali, Congo, India and Indonesia. There are millions of poor peasants who are forced to leave their land and animals back and to move to big cities. There are millions of civil servants doomed to a wage increase equal to the price of a doughnut while the price of electricity, water, natural gas, public transport keep constantly rising. They are deprived of their right to strike. Workers are losing their vested rights one by one; airline workers are divested of their right to strike over a night. There are proletarians who are forced to work ten, twelve hours a day against the minimum wage; they do not have insurance or union membership. There are millions of women whose freedom, mind, body and personality are chained. There are people divested of their right to speak their own language, live their own culture and govern themselves.
This shall not go on. Thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people pour out into the streets; they seek their rights. They topple down the government officials, the ruling parties which serve for the big bosses by uprising or through elections. Hosni Mubarak and Muhammad Mursi was gone in Egypt, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was gone in Tunisia, Berlusconi was gone in Italy, Sarkozy was gone in France, Karamanlis and Papandreu were gone in Greece. However, those who replaced them continue to serve for the dollar billionaires.
One and a half year passed over the civil insurrection in Egypt, but some are still playing some games to keep the power at the hand of the pro-US general and pro-US fanatics.
In Tunisia, pro-US and pro-France generals and religious fundamentalists have found a way to share the power and to exploit the people, for now.
We’ll wait and see how this quest will end. We hope that communities will understand that it is not possible to make a radical reform while remaining under the umbrella of capitalism. They will learn by experience and decide that they should come to power themselves and put an end to capitalism.
Revolution, i.e. self-determination of the people, is only a matter of time; workers, proletarians, all the exploited and oppressed people will create a world in their own way.