How Far?

20 October 2023
Israel is committing genocide

Israel continues to massacre the Palestinian people. It is raining bombs on millions of people, not even children. It destroys neighborhoods. It especially bombs schools, hospitals, mosques and churches where civilians take refuge for their lives. It shoots doctors, nurses and emergency aid workers. It boasts of leaving Gaza without water, electricity, food and fuel. It tramples on human dignity, and with the threat of bombing, it orders the population to “leave your neighborhoods, your homes, your vineyards, your gardens, and migrate to the southern towns”. It rains death on the people who desperately go to these towns.

Partners of the genocidaires
Israel commits war crimes. It is not enough, it commits all kinds of crimes against humanity. It is not enough, it imposes deportation. It is not enough, it practices ethnic cleansing. It is not enough, it goes to the top, it commits genocide. It inflicts on the Palestinian people all the evils of five hundred years of colonialism and one hundred years of fascism, all at once and rapidly.

While the Israeli colonialists are recklessly committing these atrocities in front of the eyes of all humanity, President Biden of the US, the leader of the imperialist war bloc, Prime Minister Sunak of the UK, the junior partner of the US, and Chancellor Scholz of Germany, who has been America’s lackey since the Ukraine war, are vying with each other to go to Israel and embrace Netanyahu. In the United Nations Security Council, the US suppressed the call for a ceasefire proposed by Russia, China, the United Arab Emirates, Gabon and Mozambique. It even vetoed Brazil’s pathetic “let’s at least have a humanitarian pause in the conflict” resolution.

Counterrevolutionary arrogance and the inevitable response
It was only in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that colonialism, brutality and slaughter could be so glorified. The socialist revolutions and national liberation revolutions of the twentieth century made colonialism and the evils it spawned a source of shame. The colonialists and imperialists were forced to put on a mask, at least ostensibly to condemn them.

The oppressors, dizzy with the counter-revolutions at the end of the twentieth century, have apparently thrown off their masks, and with unbelievable arrogance they now paint pictures with genocidaires and openly support mass murderers. Human dignity, conscience, compassion and civilization no longer mean anything to them. They have resigned from humanity.

Until when? Until you too are swept away by the anger of the common people, the working people, whom you left with no choice but to make a revolution.
You have received the curse of great humanity. You will be destroyed.