We Demand An End To Israeli Atrocities

10 October 2023

While the national uprising of the Palestinian people, expelled from their land since 1948 and squeezed into a corner by the continuous expansion of colonial settlements, continues, Israel is committing massacres in Gaza in front of the eyes of the whole world.

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said, “We are imposing a total blockade on Gaza, preventing all access in and out, no electricity, no food, no fuel.” He just forgot to say that without electricity and fuel, there is no water. A war crime, an attempt to starve and dehydrate the civilian population.

Israeli army sources announced that they carried out 500 attacks on Gaza with warplanes and dropped a thousand tonnes of bombs in one day. One thousand tonnes of bombs, that is one million kilos of explosives. To understand the scale of the atrocity, multiply the lethal effect of a tiny bullet or shrapnel by a million. Huge buildings inhabited by civilians are being razed to the ground by bombs, with live television coverage.

Savages and civilised

While this is the case, the leaders of the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the Secretary General of NATO talk about the right of colonialist Israel to defend itself, accuse the Palestinian resistance of terrorism and declare that they will be punished. Those who do not lift a finger while the Palestinian people are being subjected to genocide shed tears for Israeli civilians using a few pictures taken out of context. The Palestinian people, enslaved in their own homeland, deprived of their homes, houses, gardens and orchards, are considered worthless, worthless, worthless to those who come from other countries and seize their land.

We knew that there is no justice, conscience or compassion in the imperialist world, but today, not even a trace of civilisation remains. Systematic and mass humiliation of human dignity, tyranny, plunder, discrimination, slavery, brutality, genocide all are considered normal. The so-called civilised American and European governments and media are rotten to the bone.

On the other hand, today it is the anti-imperialist world that truly represents civilisation. Communist, socialist, revolutionary, progressive, patriotic parties and forces all over the world, as well as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Belarus, Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela, oppose Israel’s atrocities and declare that there can be no peace in the region unless the fundamental rights of independent Palestine are recognised. The people of Turkey also supported the Palestinian resistance from the very first moment. They demand an end to the Israeli atrocities.

We call on all peoples of the world to solidarity with Palestine. We are with Palestine. We want the coloniser Israel to be stopped.