In the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Turkey, The Communists Fight for a Decent Life and a Socialist System

26 August 2020
TKP 100 years old

Vanguard party of working class, our party has reached 100 years old this year on September 10. Getting its power from the most revolutionary part of society, worker class, our party 1920 CPT, is going on to strugle for all the peoples in Turkey to have a better life in equality, freedom and brotherhood.

Our party had been founded in 1920 under the leadership of Mustafa Suphi in Baku. By getting to gether of 15 different groups and 75 representatives who represented the party from Anatolia to Istanbul and Soviet lands, first congress was completed just after the October Revolution.

Down with Imperialism and Capitalism!
While the party founded and first congress gathered, Anatolia was under a massive attack and occupation by imperalist powers. Our members fought against imperialism in the frontlines in Anatolia during the Independence War of Turkey. The Party aimed to turn the fight against imperialist occupation and capitalism into a social revolution which would be an emancipation for the workers and poor farmers. However, developing bourgeoise strata used the opportunity and did not let the communists to turn this fight against iperialism into a social revolution.

Fight For Freedom, Work and Bread is Continuing!
The vanguard political party of working calss of Turkey, 1920 CPT, starting from the foundation untill today, has faced with huge pressure og bourgeois class of Turkey. Only five mounths later from the foundation, vanguard members of our party were murdered. Despite those pressures and murders, our party has overcome many challenges. The party contributed so much to creat a society in socialaism. In this fight the Party has become the flag-bearer of revolution and socialist struggle in our lands. Our party members with class consciousness have become a very critic part of the struggle for revolution and socialism from the very beginning of the 20th century up to now.

Comrades! Keep Up the Fight for the Emancipation and Welfare of the All!
With the legacy from the establisment in 1920, our organised struggle is getting stronger and stronger.  Our party’s political demarche in the 1970s is a great example that still inspires us. Our members are determined and have will to change this corrupt capitalism and establish a socialist system.

Struggle For Equality Freedom and Brotherhood Up To Victory!
In the 100th anniversary of our Party, we are going on our fight against capitalism, imperialism and despotism. We will continue to fight for the emancipation of the working class and the poor in Turkey and in the world.

Long live the heroic struggle of the Working Class and Communists in Turkey and the World!

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