May Day Call by the TKP 1920

19 April 2013
May Day Call by the TKP 1920

Dear workers and peoples of Turkey,
We are in a new period in which our hopes are increasing. The fight of the workers is rising all over the world. People now, as in the last century, are still fighting against the great capitalist powers. The day that they will defeat the imperialists is very close. Every day we have seen that the capitalist system's contribution to humanity is nothing but wars, massacres, misery and poverty. The alternative to this disgusting system, capitalism, is socialism.

Dear citizens,
Today, millions of workers in our country, are forced to live with the minimum wage, which can be described as being at the level of misery. Safe working conditions and the 8-hour work day have turned out to be a dream for millions of workers. Almost every day we witness deadly work accidents. The capitalists have been making great efforts to eliminate the last existing historical gains of the working class. As if poverty-level wages are not enough, they are planning to impose the implementation of a regional minimum wage system in our country. And unfortunately, contract and agency labour are spreading into all sectors of the economy.

The peasants are becoming impoverished day by day. Agricultural production, the primary source of income for millions of people, has been annihilated for the benefit of American and European companies and major holdings. Public health is jeopardized by the capitalist companies that export food containing GMOs.

The government had promised that a free health care system would be implemented before the elections. But now you have to pay for every step you take. If patients do not have money, they cannot even get in the hospitals. If you can not afford medical treatment, they let you die in front of the hospitals. Regarding the health care system in Turkey it is clearly true to say that it was paralyzed in the past but now it has collapsed.

Both the students and the progressive academicians are fighting against the pressures of the Higher Education Council that is seeking to turn every university into primitive madrasas where only dogmas are taught. The students who want free education, quality lunches, accommodations, participation in the decisions of the future of the country, and freedom of expression have been subject to investigation, prosecution, and imprisonment.

Women are fighting to protect their lives instead of protecting and promoting their rights. Every day, at least one woman is murdered. Women are generally isolated from social life The government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) tries to silence opponents who stand against all these attacks. This government has been carrying out raids on the trade unions, progressive and democratic organizations and revolutionary institutions. Many communists have been investigated and jailed. These groundless investigations are directed against groups opposing government policies. They have been prosecuted and kept in jails for many years under the name of secret investigations without even learning why they are being imprisoned.

The AKP government claims that it has the ability and courage to reach a peaceful solution on the Kurdish question. But in reality, the AKP does not want to solve the Kurdish question with an honorable peace based on equal rights and the interests of all peoples living in Turkey and it imposes new provisions on the ones who want an honorable peace every day.

Dear citizens,
AKP acts with the same aggressiveness not only in domestic politics, but also foreign policy. Instead of building equal and fair relationships with neighboring countries, it sets snares for them together with the imperialist USA, Israel, England, Germany, France and the dictatorships of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It supports gangs with taxes collected from our honorable people and provokes them to attack the sovereign country of Syria.

Honorable men and women of Turkey do not need the racist and authoritarian policies of the AKP. We will not allow the AKP government to carry our youth into a war adventure by attacking neighboring countries together with imperialists. We will continue to defend the rights of the working class, and equality, freedom, justice and peace in the world.

Dear workers,
Let’s support TKP 1920 (Türkiye Komünist Partisi 1920) for its organizing a strong revolutionary opposition that will overthrow the AKP.

The oldest party of our country, TKP 1920, is the party of workers, laborers and the poor people.

Let’s spread revolution, peace, justice and socialism with TKP 1920. The Communist Party of Turkey 1920 invites all workers, laborers, women, and young people to participate in May 1st, the International Workers’ Day, and to fight together.

Long Live Socialism!
Long Live the Unity of Workers and the Brotherhood of Peoples!

Communist Party of Turkey 1920