AKP's theft, censorship and cruelty policies

27 February 2014
AKP's theft, censorship and cruelty policies

“Guard units” of AKP government attacked violently to the protesting people, who gathered at Istanbul, Istiklal Street and started walking to Taksim Square chanting the slogan of ‘‘Don’t Touch My Internet’’. The protest march against the new restrictions and bans on Internet accesses took place at 18.52 today on February 8th 2014.

Logic of censorship by AKP government
AKP government, manipulating a number of media  for the purpose of brainwashing of the masses, has started to apply general censorship on Internet access in order to keep the monopoly of news in its hands. It has implied on new restrictions and bans on the use of Internet. In this regard, the basic goal of the AKP government is consolidating its political and economic hegemony with the support of the media influence.

“Censorship bill” is not a solution
AKP has planned to blockade some websites covering the news of bribery, profiteering of the AKP parliament members and corruption of the cabinet members. Theft and censorship go hand in hand. AKP government has enacted this censorship bill on the Internet in order to blockade the circulating of these corruption and bribery news in the social media.

Against censorship and tyranny
Restrictions on access to Internet by the AKP government approves the repressive character of the government as a  successor of September 12 military coup regime. AKP has been in power as the cabinet of obscurantism, war and profiteering system for 12 years. Capitalist-led AKP regime has been in the service of a tiny oligarchy at the very beginning. It does not respect the sovereignty of the people. AKP cabinet members cannot stand the sight of any news of corruption, bribery and profiteering.

So, AKP uses every opportunity to pressure on media by restricting the access to Internet. This is why it needs censorship more than ever before.

For this reason, AKP always attacks  those who protesting the “Internet censorship bill” which will be protested on this Saturday (22 February 2014) evening at Taksim again.  AKP's toxic gas shells (tear gas), plastic bullets, water cannons will not be able to stop people organizing mass demonstrations and protest marches. 

Increasing pressure cannot save the government
It is obvious that the government's efforts to suppress peoples just demands are useless. The message of the Great Resistance in May and June in 2013 was clear: Increasing tyranny by the government can not save its future.

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