Announcement by the Founding Committee of TKP

18 April 2012
 Announcement by the Founding Committee of TKP

As is known, the TKP which was founded by Mustafa Suphi and Ethem Nejat, the two leading figures of the communist struggle in Turkey, had to carry out all its activities underground until the legal founding congress organized by activists from every age in February 2012.

The legal foundation of the TKP is a process in the struggle by the communists from many different groups of people who rasied the flag of resistance against the ideological attacks of capitalism and imperialism during the 1980s' liquidation policies followed by Gorbachev and his supporters. This is a step in the process of attempts by the members of the United Communist Party of Turkey (TBKP) to found the party legally in this period. This is a process of struggle carried out by the members of Workers' Party of Turkey (TİP) and Socialist Workers' Party of Turkey (TSİP) to defend the unity of the working class.

Many communists came together under the banner of “The Initiative for the Revival of the Tardition of the Communist Party of Turkey from Suphi to Bilen”(Suphi and Bilen are the surnames of two prominent communist leaders) and developed a statute and a program. These statutes and the programs guaranteed the existence of the Communist Party of Turkey on the principles of Marxism and Leninism.

Meanwhile, we should state that there is another party using the name of “Communist Party of Turkey” which was founded by the members of the “Socialist Power Party” (SİP) twelve years ago.

Members and supporters of the TKP have been trying to explain to workers, communists, and progressive institutions what the SİP leaders want to do by liquidating the SİP and using the name of “TKP” during the past twelve years. On the other hand, SİP, having a different political philosophy, program, statute, political tradition, political strategy and tactics, cadres, logos and anthem and using the advantage of being the “official” communist party has tried to create a false image of itself as the party of the communists, TKP, founded in 1920.

But, the truth can not be hidden. And this truth does impose itself. Truth is revolutionary and obstinate. Sooner or later it is discovered.

TKP is the party that was founded in 1920.

The party that has been using the name of the TKP for the past twelve years is the Socialist Power Party, not the traditional TKP.

After the legal foundation of our party in 2012, the representatives of the SİP-TKP, using their close relations with the judiciary system and police, blockaded our activities by using the name of TKP, and they have launched systematic attacks against us.

The physical attacks by SİP-TKP members to us brought harm to their own members and increased the tensions across the Left. Then, our friendly leftist institutions mobilized and made some supporting announcements regarding the issue.

Dear comrades,
Even though our party was founded legally not long ago, the representatives of the SİP/TKP had to announce that they would not have any relation to the 92-year history of the TKP. They were obliged to state that they changed their party's name just 12 years ago.

We are very proud of our party's 92 years of history. Our party has been accepted by the public as the TKP that represents the 92 years of communist tradition starting with the founder of the TKP, Mustafa Suphi.

Dear comrades,
After we completed the founding process of our party rooted in 1920 we faced some problems in developing commonly organized activities with other leftist groups. In some meetings two “TKPs” are present.

Sometimes this has caused confusion. So, in this period it is necessary to distinguish one “TKP” from the other. In this regard, either we add a distinctive feature or others do something. So we, with the purpose of giving an end to this confusion, have written “TKP Suphi Bilen”, “TKP Hammer and Sickle”, and “TKP 1920” on our press releases and other documents as a defining feature of our organization.

We have found that this solution has been received well by our members, because none of our members want to be confused with a party of another political tradition.

Dear comrades,
In this process we have seen that the “TKP founded by the cadres of SİP” has tried to isolate us from our friends in leftist, revolutionary, and democratic forces. And they also did their best to publish news items full of lies and slanders about us.

We have declared many times that we do not want to clash with them. We do not want to see the pages of bourgeois newspapers full of news regarding “the clash within the left”. We have declared that if they attack us we will use our right of self-defense. Despite this, we have seen that they have provoked our friends in meeting places and attacked our offices.

Despite all of our warnings, the members of the “SİP-TKP” arrived at the door of our office in Istanbul and started to sell their magazines while carrying batons. We think that the aim of a man carrying a baton in front of our office was not to sell magazines. In fact, their aim was not to sell magazines but to attack us. So when they attacked us with their batons we used our right of self defense.

Dear comrades,
Our main goal is to organize the working class on the side of our party. We should strengthen our party by opening new offices in Turkey and abroad as soon as possible. As you know, the news from Turkey focuses on discussions of regime change, AKP's war policies with the support of imperialists against our neighboring country Syria, violations of the rights and freedoms of the whole society, and the AKP's operations against all of their opponents. During this process we have declared that we would not concentrate on “clashes within the left”, because we believe that this is a political deadlock. We declared that we would carry out our activities of struggle focused on the abolition of capitalism and imperialism.

Dear comrades,
After the founders' committee decided on the name of our party, we applied for registration at the presidency of the Judicial Council. The Council filed a court case as soon as it received our request. Compared to other cases related to the same issue, it is obvious that this was more speedy than the normal procedure.

Dear comrades,
The irresponsible attacks by the “SİP-TKP” just before the May Day celebrations have created a base for the possible provocations by the government. Our party will act responsibly.

Dear comrades,
The founder's committee of the TKP, considering all these developments, gathered on April 15, 2012 and unanimously decided to take the name of TKP 1920. This decision was taken by the founder's committee of the TKP after considering the recommendations by our friendly organizations and the party grassroots organizations.

So, after April 2012, the long and hard 92-year struggle by the TKP remained the tradition of the TKP 1920. And, we are sure that adding the date of 1920 to our name will help distinguish the party owning the 92 year tradition from the party that does not have this tradition and these roots. This is the will of our members who have been carrying out an honorable struggle for many years.

After that date, all announcements by our party will be made with the signature of TKP 1920.

TKP is the name of the party which leads the communist movement in Turkey in the tradition of Mustafa Suphi, Ethem Nejat, Salih Hacıoğlu, Şefik Hüsnü, Nazım Hikmet, Reşat Fuat, Zeki Baştımar and İsmail Bilen, and it has been struggling for communist ideals from the very beginning of its foundation. TKP 1920 is the party of honorable leaders like Boz Mehmet, Meryem Karakız, Mustafa Hayrullahoğlu and Bekir Karayel. TKP is the TKP 1920.

TKP 1920 is the party that brings the labor movement and communist movement together; it is the vanguard of the struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism and is a part of a world proletarian movement. It is also a defender of women's rights, young peoples' rights and retired peoples' rights. It has always struggled for the equality and freedom of all peoples. It sees our different languages and cultures as valuable social assets. TKP 1920 is the representative of enlightenment, secularism and the rights of children and women in our country.

Communists, come together and raise the hammer and sickle flag of the party on the basis of the very existence of the party with legitimacy and legality.

The struggle of the communists will continue until the establishment of socialism in Turkey, in the region, and in the world.

Long live our party!
Long live our party, TKP!
Long live the honorable struggle of the 92 year old TKP!
Long live our party, CPT 1920!

Communist Party of Turkey 1920
Founders' Committee of CPT 1920

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