“Guard units” of AKP government attacked violently to the protesting people, who gathered at Istanbul, Istiklal Street and started walking to Taksim Square chanting the slogan of ‘‘Don’t Touch My Internet’’. The protest march against the new restrictions and bans on Internet accesses took place at 18.52 today on February 8th 2014.

Considering the recent developments in our country, we can state that Turkey is governed by a coalition of a businesses in the Turkish Industry and Business Association TÜSİAD, Independent Industrialists’ and Businesspersons’ Association MÜSİAD and Turkish Confederation of Businessman and Industrialists TUSKON which have also seized the sovereignty of the peoples.

People of Istanbul are on the streets. People of Turkey are on the streets. The date of May 31, 2013 is a historical day. On this day, the peoples of Turkey said: “Enough is enough” to the exploitation and war policies of the AKP regime. The brutal unlawfulness towards one of the last green place in Istanbul city, Gezi Park, by the AKP government was the last straw in this respect.

Once again the May Day celebrations -the working class' day of unity, struggle and solidarity- in Taksim Square in İstanbul - was banned for millions of workers by the right wing AKP (Justice and Development Party) government, even after the large peaceful celebrations in the last two years in the same square.

Dear workers and peoples of Turkey,
We are in a new period in which our hopes are increasing. The fight of the workers is rising all over the world. People now, as in the last century, are still fighting against the great capitalist powers. The day that they will defeat the imperialists is very close. Every day we have seen that the capitalist system's contribution to humanity is nothing but wars, massacres, misery and poverty. The alternative to this disgusting system, capitalism, is socialism.

AKP's project of destroying Taksim Square and Gezi Park coincided with the 10th anniversary of the government in power. With the authorization of the AKP government the municipality workers employed by the Istanbul Municipality started the destruction in the area with the pretext of restoration in the Park and widening of the road to Taksim Square beginning in November 2012.

As is known, the TKP which was founded by Mustafa Suphi and Ethem Nejat, the two leading figures of the communist struggle in Turkey, had to carry out all its activities underground until the legal founding congress organized by activists from every age in February 2012.

We are struggling against capitalism, imperialism fascism and zionism

Our party Communist Party of Turkey 1920 (TKP 1920) [Türkiye Komünist Partisi 1920] is struggling against capitalism, imperialism, fascism and zionism since its foundation in 1920 as one of the members of Communist International, Comintern.

The imperialist war block that had hit the road to re-conquer the entire world started the last counter-revolutionary rebellion in Syria one and half a year ago.